Making money without a website

You can make money on the Internet even if you don’t have a website. People do it every day. You can do this through selling products for others as an affiliate, through eBay, with a blog and through social networks such as Twitter or Facebook.

Becoming an affiliate is as easy as finding a product you want to promote that offers reasonable commission. The greatest profit margin will come from digital products such as eBooks. 
The most common commissions for digital products are anywhere from 30 – 50%. In some cases it will be more.
For physical products or programs that are ongoing training or mentoring courses, the commissions range from 5% - 35% on average.
You will need to sign up as a reseller. After you sign up you get a unique affiliate link. You use this link to send people to purchase the product.
There is no cost to become an affiliate. There is a nominal fee to post your own products, but it may be well worth the investment. 
You will still need to be proactive in your approach to selling the products you are promoting.