Want to earn money FaceBook?
FanSlave is a site make money with your Facebook page. With FanSlave, you can make money by simple clicking LIKE on FaceBook.
Do you mean this button that appear on pages of FaceBook?
You can make money by clicking in the LIKE button.

To join fanslave you have to register a new account by visiting the website:
Click here fans-erhalten-88x31

After the successful registration, you can log in your FanSlave account.
Account Balance:
Before start earning money by clicking LIKE button on FaceBook, let’s take a look at the Account Balance when you first register a FanSlave account:

  1. €0.25 will be credit into your account when you sign up a FanSlave account.
  2. 50 Credit with a new FanSlave account. You need Credits to get fans for your fan page.

Earn Money by Clicking LIKE button on FaceBook

It’s time to see how to earn money by clicking on the LIKE on FaceBook.
STEP 1: Connect Your FanSlave Account with FaceBook
The first step is to connect your account with FaceBook.  This can be done by clicking on the Connect button of the following screen.

Click Okey 

STEP 2: Visit Fan Pages of FaceBook
After successfully connecting accounts, you go to "Your Account" menu and select "Facebook " or "Twitter" page will appear like the following:

STEP 3: Click on LIKE Button of Each Fan Page to Earn Money
Once on the Fan Pages of FaceBook, simply click on the Like button to earn money.

STEP 4: Click on button update 

STEP 5:  Click on Update Credit Button to Get the Credits
After clicking on update button,it will redirect you to Facebook account.fanSlave client application checks weather all likes are proper or not. then it will ask you to close it.

STEP 6: Check Balance
Check the account balance to ensure that you got credit by visiting Fan Pages and Clicking on the LIKE buttons.

The amount that earn by clicking LIKE button varies.  Some may be as high as €0.05 per click while others may be as low as €0.01.
Minimum payout: €15.00
Payment Method:

Make more money with FanSlave?
You can make more money when a new user sign up with your referral link. The benefits are for a lifetime basic:
  • you get 15% on all earnings of the new user, including both the clicking money and all sales.
  • you get commission for the users recommended by your referred user.


Important Trick

How you can be notified for a new ads generated on fanslave to get money in a short time ?
It's check4change add-on on used on firefox, where the fanslave page reloaded for ex every 30 sec to notify you about new advertisement.

Setup browser Firefox 
Intall check4change for mozilla from here: Check4change

Check4Change >> Check every 30 seconds.

You will see in that tab how every 30 sec the page will be refreshed and catch all offerts
Do the same in pages "Twitter","Google+","youtube","traffic"
Work in other tabs, you will be annouced when appers new ads by Check4change
In a workday you will made aprox 0,35-1 Euro
Payment Proof