Make Money With Your Blog

Blogs are weblogs, they are fast becoming one of the best ways to generate traffic and buyers to a specific location. 

Once you have a blog you can start making money without the standard cost of putting up a website. 
As with any form of selling you will need a proactive approach to driving traffic to your blog. You can use all the same strategies that have been outlined in this learning guide for web traffic and apply them to your blog.
To gain the most from your blog you should add content on a regular basis; at least three times a week. Daily would be ideal.

There are two ways to promote with a blog.
Your Own
Other people’s blogs 
In your own, you can simply post information specific to and of interest to your readers.
In someone else’s blog, readers are often invited to leave comments about an existing post. When done right, leaving comments is a great way to gain name recognition and expert status. Your comments usually have a link to a webpage you designate. It can either be your main page or a link to a squeeze page where you are promoting something.
You want to avoid appearing too much of a self-promoter or making a post only to sell something. If you leave valid comments and information on someone else’s blog, you establish yourself as an expert.
The more valuable and relevant your comments the more people will be likely to click through to your website. (Is your website optimized to take advantage of these types of visitors?).
A blog is one of the cheapest and fastest ways to build an online presence. It is perfect for virtually any market, type of business and specialty. A blog is a great tool to use to build credibility, name recognition and build a loyal following.