Make Money Online With a Website

Once you have your product and your site you need to tell people about it. There are many, many ways to do this - for free and for a price. Some of the best ways are in fact free so don't neccesarily equate price with value.

The first thing you must do is place your site in the Search Engines. There are actually two types of search engine, proper search engines themselves and directories. Some of the biggest names are actually directories, such as Yahoo. Others, like AltaVista, are search engines.

Building a Web Site to making money online

Your Web site is your main presence in the online world. It is your shopfront if you like. It is essential.

Your web site has to catch someones attention then keep them there. There are a lot of technologies you can use to appear even more professional such as flash animations but if you are starting out it is best to keep it simple. Nothing should detract from your message and the site should load quickly.

Finding A Product

When you are looking for something to market you have two main choices. These are quite obvious and simple, you can:
Find a ready-made product, or Create a product
Both of these approaches have their advantages and disadvantages. If you find a ready made product then you save a lot of time in developement. If this product is only available to sell via an "affiliate program" you will lose some of the profit. If this ready made product is available with "Resell Rights" you can keep 100% of the profit - but with all premade products you lose on exclusivity. Everyone will be selling the same thing!

50 ways to make money Online

Some form of online business you just spent several hundred DOLLARS buying equipment, however the business model needs more investment for the hardware and even a warehouse. A number of practices that may cause you to become a millionaire, also can simply help you make money drinking beer with friends. Here are the ways to make money online.