50 ways to make money Online

Some form of online business you just spent several hundred DOLLARS buying equipment, however the business model needs more investment for the hardware and even a warehouse. A number of practices that may cause you to become a millionaire, also can simply help you make money drinking beer with friends. Here are the ways to make money online.
1. Implementing Google AdSense On Your Site

Google Adsense is a contextual advertising program you can subscribe for free to make money online. The ads will display their content on your web page according to the relevant content of the article.
If readers are interested in and click on the ad, you earn money.Google will hold back a little bit and you get a little

2. Join affiliate marketing with Clickbank
Clickbank is an online marketplace to sell digital information products. You can join their affiliate program for free and start marketing the product on it. If you sell now, you get commissions.

3. Sell E-Books
Write an e-book on a topic and you know more and share it with the world with a moderate price. People looking for information on the internet, so the sale of electronic books is very attractive and profitable if your e-book is the subject of many people that wish to learn.

4. Provide Ongoing Fee Program
Offers a program that the school needs to close the periodic charges to continue to participate as a way of generating income for you on a regular basis. periodically here is usually more efficient monthly annually or every week. The Membership site can build this form.

5. Sell ad space on your Website

Run the ad campaign on your site for private advertisers to promote their products or services on your site. You can sell banner ads 125 x 125 or other ads with different sizes.

6. Chitika
Chitika works just like Google Adsense. It gives the Publisher (publisher) can show the advertiser's ad (the advertiser) is targeted to the search targeted advertising on mobile phones through web sites, blogs.Chikita ads have worked best on the blog regarding product needs advertising.In addition, the senior ads convert better on a large range of blogs.You can join if you have blog.

7. Join affiliate program with Amazon
Amazon.com is like a supermarket selling everything. The only difference is that all of the transactions occur online and items purchased are shipped directly to the place where consumers prefer. Join the affiliate program (link) with them means that you can help them promote their products through your own website and advertising costs can be obtained from the customers to buy products from Amazon by the introduction of the.

8. Connect the offline provider (offline) with online buyers
Many offline product vendors or service providers still do not have an online presence and thus missed out on a lot of business opportunities for their businesses. Most of the vendors do not have the technique to know how to set up a web site and sell their products and services through online tools. This is where you can help them get their business online (online) and costs introduction.

9. Provide written
Webmasters or web sites are willing to pay for your articles or blog posts.Hiring external services instead of DIY are widely applied. If you can write, provide to the person that needs it, you can make money online, and then that.

10. Sell the right to use the image (stock image)
There is a high demand for online photo repository. This is because people need images for web pages, presentations, brochures and so on, they are willing to pay for the ảnhđể has the right to use chúngi. The great thing is you don't need to be professional to sell your photos because people often search for images by keyword, not by the photographer. So, you have an opportunity like anybody else to have pictures of your choice

11. Write reviews, reviews (review)
Writing reviews is another way to make money online. The company is always looking for ways to advertise your product or services of the company and they approach the bloggers had a number of readers on the subject close to the products or services they want to advertise. ' Rent ' blogger will then write reviews of products or services in Exchange for cash. You can expect to earn $ 20-$ 200 per article that you write.

12. Buy/sell on eBay

eBay is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers to come together and trade almost anything. You can start earning money by selling your own stuff.

13. The free service (Freelance)
You can provide professional expertise in an online market for income. Companies and online business owners are looking for people who provide free services like you to help in areas such as programming, coding, writing, consulting and design.

14. To become a virtual assistant
Virtual Assistant as a Secretary, but everything is done online. As a virtual assistant, you can do anything from making travel booking to process the reimbursement of expenses to pay bills to arrange for the person holding the dog. All you can do in your own home office.You interact with your customers online and over the telephone or other monitoring tools.

15. Providing translation services
This may not get paid much but is also a quick way to make money online. You also need to have a good English listening skills to get a translation.

16. Use video to promote affiliate marketing (affiliate)
Find a good product to join as affiliate and make the short video and interesting online offering related products. Using Youtube, you can insert your URL in the description box (including affiliate links). Many individuals have made making money with video snippets of humor and spread fast.

17. building websites for niche market (niche)
A web page according to the niche market to target is web only say on the topic and is only one. Looking for the potential customers are in need of help to solve problems and create the ebook, or software programs that will help them fix their problems. Then, create a website offering it so they could buy it.

18. Become an expert in WordPress
WordPress in recent years has become a content management system is used by most of the business owners and individuals. As a result, there are huge market waiting for you when you become an expert in WordPress. There are people and companies are looking to hire people versed in WordPress, to assist in the maintenance of their web site or blog by installing and upgrades

19. Becoming the Go-To
Owner and online business companies often outsource most of the technicians while they concentrate on growing their business. Most of the examples of tasks involving the use of a special software. Even if the software companies offer free installation, you can earn hundreds or thousands of dollars when business owners need training or their employees to use the software.

20. Seller interviews

You would be surprised that people are really making a lot of money for the sale of the interviews they conducted with the expert, not myself. People are always looking for information online, if you can understand a pain point that people are having, interviewing an expert, and ask the experts questions that those problems are and have the experts to give advice, everyone will want to buy it to know how to treat their pain.

21. Build your portfolio of your design and make money at the same time

If you are a new designer, you can join the online logo design contest, such as 99designs. However, note that you will not be paid unless the winning logo for many others. However, you can add your logo to the Directory design. This is a great way for a by then you can get more orders when more people start to know and love the design.

22. Creating Twitter background (backgrounds twitter)

Social media marketing is the hottest trend helped increase traffic to the site. When more and more and more marketers are using Twitter to promote their site. With the growing needs of the media, social marketing, you can make money online by helping your clients create Twitter background image has a positive effect for the viewer and the marketers who become customers of if your design as they are entertaining.

23. Insert the Infolinks into your content

Infolinks is a form of text ads. After you register your site for a specific Infolinks program, you will see the link underlining scattered throughout the articles on your site. Once your visitors click the link text, you will get paid.

24. Open an online store by market niche

Using a platform developed online shop simply allow you to create web pages based on the content created and you may generate income through the eBay affiliate program.

25. Contribute content related posts (Contribute to Associated Content)
Write a story, a how to guide on a certain topic, about a situation or particular circumstances and you will get paid $ 10-$ 20 per article of choice.Co 1nhu74ng where they pay you according to the number of review of Bai written there.

26. Make money from your website with Azoogleads

Azoogleads is a promotional program that companies like advertisers. You provide a space on the website, advertisers that their ads are shown on the measure. When a visitor clicks on an ad on your site, you earn money.

27. Share your expertise on the online platform

If you are an expert in something, you can share so people could contact and ask you when needed. People pay you to talk to share your experience in a a. However, you must do all of the advertising programs, so you need to have a blog or website has been established.

28. Programme for Indeed.com

By joining Indeed.com, you can earn money by displaying the tools of their job search on your website or blog. You will be adding valuable content to your site while generating revenue.

29. Create and sell your own products

As an affiliate marketer help you build email list or a list of your potential customers, once you know what you are doing, you create your own product. You easily control more of their products and of course you can sell product instead of selling other people's products.

30. Create Podcast

To interview all the experts in a particular niche or create your own talk show offering value to the listener. You can make money from advertising when your podcast is developed and well received.

31. Video Marketing

Youtube is one of the largest online video site on the web.Using youtube is a great way to promote your product or service. Create video reviews on products and services, and then provide the link to your video in the link or the description. That way, you can earn money when people buy through your affiliate link.

32. Create videos or images to deliver content

If you like to create videos or upload your photos everyday, you can make some money online from Break.com. you get paid $ 400 for the original video and up to $ 2000 for the short film if your video has been selected to be put on the home page. They also have the random contest which they charged $ 50 a picture.

33. LoudLaunch

LoudLaunch allows bloggers participating in the funding opportunities, including paid articles, distribute press releases, and more. Here's how it works: our advertisers LoudLaunch campaign creates a, then made available to qualified publishers. Bloggers and other publishers will then select the campaign that they would like to participate. Then, the advertising campaign was distributed to publishers.You get money for that campaign.

34. Submit website or blog posts on social media networks

With the increasing demand of the social media network, there is a high demand from bloggers and small businesses to send web pages or blog posts to social media sites. The things you can do in relation to setting up an account on all the services social bookmarks (bookmark) and then mark your customer's site or at the latest blog posts to help them get their traffic more. This is just one in an endless work you can see in the page fiverr.com

35. Edit Audio for others

Business owners often promote their products or services by using the podcast so that there is a high demand for sound editing services. Use a simple recording software, you can easily provide the audio editing services to have income online.

36. Create the source reference

An overview of a topic that you have, or the many different themed collectibles. Then, you can create references to be paying through sites like Squidoo, HugPages and and Google Knol. Payments are based on a combination of advertising revenue and affiliate marketing programs. Thing or is this site has a pretty big visitor source and you do not have to generate traffic to it.

37. To become a professional blogger

If you want to manually write and can work at home, you can make money online by becoming a professional blogger. There are many websites where you can search for work paid blogging. There are some networks give blogger a fee per article or blogger receives a percentage of the advertising revenue associated with the number of page views their articles created.

38. Donate

Requests for grants on your blog. It's easy to add a PayPal button to "Donate", and you never know who might feel generous and give to you when you provide content useful to them on your blog!

39. Article writing services on the blog (guest posting)

You can provide posts for other blogs for free as a way to promote his blog. However, you can also provide such services for a fee.

40. Become a Counsellor

After you have established yourself as an expert in the topic of your blog, you may provide consulting services to other people or businesses can use the help of your expertise. In addition, you can provide consulting services related to developing and writing a successful blog.

41. Create a paid membership site (paid membership)

Set up a community at large with a steady traffic to find out what the benefits to your readers and what not through your blog. Then, start to give the members pay for the content. Bloggers may still be free, but some readers with a State is paying members can read more details in the advanced posts or access to an area with other features, creating a sense of exclusivity.

42. Using YouTube And the Cake Sale

If you have your own products, you can use YouTube to create videos to make sales increase.You can also use Facebook to do this

43. Fiverr.com

Each job for $ 5, you can create the service to perform on it.Fiverr provides for people who can do the job themselves by allowing you to buy or sell all kinds of tools services for $ 5. Unlike other sites that require you to have real skills in the industry, such as text, web design, or programming, you can provide just about any kind of services on Fiverr

44. Selling crafts online

Sell crafts and crafts online. There are many websites that allow you to have your own online store to showcase your items free of charge. However, you may have to pay a fee to list a category. When you have items for sale, you need to pay a percentage of the commissions for the site that allows you to open your own online store on their servers. There is no limit on how much you can charge, and what you earn based on your product to sell.

45. Suggestions for Microsoft Research
You can get paid from Microsoft to provide feedback on their products.

46. The Amazon Mechanical Turk

You get paid to complete small tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk. Some examples of these tasks include searching the web for some products or answer questions and give comments. There is usually a time limit from 10 minutes to an hour, and the pay varies from a few cents to a few dollars.

47. Given your comments to receive money

You can register to take the survey on products and services and get paid for it. The sites typically pay $ 2 to $ 5 for each completed survey and will send you a check or deposit into your PayPal account, or gift cards or merchandise when you reach $ 20 in your account to your survey. However, you have to be careful because there are a lot of scam. Avoid engaging in anything that is in need of a charge before being engaged.

48. IntelliShop
InteliShop.com pay you to shop at the stores in your area and write a review about your experience.

49. eJury

eJury.com is an online platform of the Group of lawyers who allow large groups of people to help lawyers determine the value of the case, and find out the attitude of "public". These things help lawyers prepare for trial. You can earn $ 5 to $ 10 dollars for every judgment rendered as a member of the Board of assessors models for practical tests.

50. As an online tutor

If you are looking for online teaching jobs, Tutor.com gives teachers the opportunity to help students all over the country without ever leaving the Home Office, or in your dorm. What websites do is to connect tutors for students in their classes online. Tutors will use the tools of the classroom to share resources, explains the complex diagrams and the papers together.